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BRICSTether is a new stablecoin to launch shortly, which is planned to eventually be weighted to a basic of BRIC Nations currencies, but initially 1 BRICST will be pegged to 7 Chinese Yuan. It will be asset backed in fiat,crypto,bonds,gold,silver and real estate.

It couldn’t launch soon enough for some, especially Russians and other nations being sanctioned or losing faith in the USD. Binance recently announced its no longer going to allow Russians to buy USDT, so BRICST is expected to fill the gap for Russians, but also many BRICSPlus nations, not to mention many that are concerned re the fall of the USD. As the world shifts away from the Us dominated unipolar world, a multipolar world will see a search for alternative currencies for settling international trades. It’s expected many non Western countries will seek to utilise BRICST to support its growth to ensure alternative cross border settlements can occur inexpensively, outside the USD

BRICST will list on a small number of exchanges to start with and expand as its ramps up its operations.

BRICSTXchange also is set to launch to be one of the main exchanges to handle BRICS transactions.

What is BRICST?

BRICST is a cryptocurrency that aims to provide a stable and secure platform for transactions and investments in the BRICS region and beyond. BRICST is designed to solve the problems of volatility and instability that have plagued the cryptocurrency market since its inception.

1 BRICST = 7 Chinese Yuan.

Join the Future of Global Finance with BRICST.

Welcome to BRICST, a new stablecoin that is pegged to the currencies of the BRICS Plus nations. Our goal is to provide a stable, secure, and accessible digital currency that can be used worldwide for payments, investments, and savings. With BRICST, you can enjoy the benefits of cryptocurrency without the volatility and uncertainty that often come with other digital assets.

BRICSTether launches on Azbit exchange as an alternative to USDT and the USD, pegged to 7 Chinese Yuan ( $1 USD) & offering 10% pa

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We fund operations on Government and private donations

For every $ amount donated, BRICS Foundation will issue you an equal amount in BRICSTether

$500 USD

$1000 USD

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$5000 USD

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$25000 USD

$50000 USD

Once you donate simply email or message via WhatsApp, your crypto wallet details for your BRICSTether to be sent to you

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